British Airways

Reservation # JXQZHX – Darrin Ballman and Regina Ballman

**There is a very serious problem in communication betwen British Airways customer service (800 number) and the BA counter at CVG (Cincinnati)** This would have been my 6th time travelling to Europe. (Barcelona was our destination – as the beginning of a 5 week trip throughout Spain, France, Italy and Germany).

**At the bottom, after the very detailed description of what my experience has been – I have additional questions, what I need the result to be and my email address and cell number.**

I have already been back and forth with the BA customer service and the airport counter representatives (contracted out apparently – not actual BA) a handful of times. Please read carefully what has happenned.

Was promised a full refund of the following (and nothing less):
Reservation # JXQZHX – Darrin Ballman and Regina Ballman
1357 Burdette Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 513-393-7411
Original Flight: Cincinnati, Ohio (CVG) to London Heathrow, Monday November 13, 2023.
Total Fare: $1,588.90
Luggage: $140

1. Monday November 13, 2023
Went to check in for our flight from Cincinnati (CVG). The system would not take my passport information.
My passport does not expire until February of 2024. After some time and the counter clerks making a couple of phone calls – they said that my return date to the U.S. of December 21, 2023 was too close to the February 2024 expiration.

I have never heard of anything like this in all of my travels….and would have appreciated if there had been something in place that notified me in some way to be sure that the standard could have been met.

We have had these tickets since March of 2023 – for eight months – which would have left plenty of time to deal with this issue.

As a result, we were unable to board our flight. This was a very complex trip – and we were travelling with 3 OTHER FRIENDS (on the same flight) who were able to continue on to Barcelona. The counter help (Holly, Tiffany and Ted have been excellent and very empathetic in trying to help.

We were then told, that more than likely, with some effort, we could get a complete refund, given the situation. But we would have to contact British Airways customer service.

2. Tuesday morning…November 14, 2023
I contacted BA customer service…the person was helpful and said that a full refund was possible – but – I needed to go back to the airport counter and have them “enter comments” on to the reservation that would make it possible to do the full refund. Then once I did that, they told me to call BA customer service back and we would be able to take care of the full refund.

3. Tuesday evening…November 14, 2023
I returned to the airport, the BA counter is supposed to open at 18:00 according to their sign. Unfortunately they never opened.

4. Wednesday evening…November 15, 2023
I returned to the airport once again, promptly at 18:00 as the desk opened for the Wednesday evening flight.
The 2 clerks who originally helped me on Monday the 13th were there once again (Holly who I believe is a supervisor and Tiffany, who was our original clerk on Monday the 13th.

I explained to them what BA customer service told me about “adding the proper notes” to the reservation in order to get the full refund). Both Holly and Tiffany looked at it – and Tiffany entered the notes and “hit save” according to her. They said I should be good now.

5. Thursday morning…November 16, 2023
I called BA customer service back, as instructed – and they told me that they couldn’t see any such notes.
So what is the discrepancy here?
The BA customer service rep (a gentleman) told me that he was entering very specific instructions for the counter help on how to enter what they needed to for a full refund.

He then said that once again, I would need to go to the airport and have them pull up the reservation and enter what he had told them to. He also recommended that I get on BA customer service while in line at the airport.

The next flight was on Friday night…..

6. Friday evening…November 17, 2023
I went back to the airport…While I was in line, I got on the BA customer service number as I got closer to the counter.

Unfortunately, the BA customer service representative on the phone was not being helpful or understanding at all. Basically refused to help. So I hung up, hoping that the very helpful counter help could see what needed to be entered.

Once I was at the counter, a new supervisor (Ted) helped me and attempted to pull up the instructions on the reservation – but still said he did not see anything that the BA customer service representative had said he typed onto the reservation notes.

Ted was very helpful in making every effort to figure it out – including calling the original supervisor who helped me (Holly) and calling his counterparts in Chicago and Nashville.

Unfortunately it was still not resolved.

7. Wednesday evening…November 29, 2023
I went back again and talked to the manager, Ted Beaver once again – and we also were on the phone with BA Support. He then committed to bringing the issue to his supervisor the following morning in their BA group meeting. 

Where we are at now..
**UPDATE** A full refund authorization was granted (see jpeg of email below including contact info). Mr Keller mentioned following up with BA support, so I am in the process of doing so now.

– Why are we having trouble getting BA customer service and the counter help seeing the same information and notes????
– Is it because they are a contractor?
– Why is this so difficult?

I understand that BA doesn’t “want to” refund the entire amount – but I believe it is very justified in this situation – and even more importantly – I have been told (more than once) that there was no problem issuing a full refund.

In my business, I am not legally allowed to keep monies when a product or service has not been rendered. So I am asking British Airways to honor the same – since I have not used the tickets.

Whoever reads this – if you cannot (or are not willing) to fulfill the full refund, please supply me with someone who can.

I plan on being extremely persistent until it does happen – and will be more than happy to contact multiple departments at all levels.

Below are the details again and my contact info…I am especially grateful for any info I can receive via email.

Thank you in advance.

Reservation # JXQZHX – Darrin Ballman and Regina Ballman
1357 Burdette Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 513-393-7411
Original Flight: Cincinnati, Ohio (CVG) to London Heathrow, Monday November 13, 2023.
Total Fare: $1,588.90
Luggage: $140